Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stay at home mom....I don't think so.

So since Saturday our house has been plagued by the stomach flu and it has not been pretty. First Madison had it. Then Nick and I got it but Madison was ok by then. Then while we were still sick, Tucker got it. Then once we all got better, Madison got it again. AHHH!!! First let me say that I think it should be illegal for both parents to get deathly ill at the same time. When both parents are sick, who is supposed to take care of the kids? I don't know the answer to that but somehow we managed to make it through. With that said, Nick and I were home yesterday with the kids then today I am home with both of the kids.

I used to always think that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. Spending all day playing with my wonderful children, cooking a scrumptious meal for my family, getting all the chores for the house done and basically being suzie homemaker....well I know that is not me. Now don't get me wrong, I love my sweet kids, I love to cook and take care of my family but my brain needs a rest. I think I am a much better person for leaving the house and dropping off my kiddos and going to work some days. Now I would love to be able to only work part time and have the best of both worlds but that just is not possible right now. If we did not have a WONDERFUL babysitter who loves our kids so much, I would have to quit work but I know that she takes such good care of them.

I don't know how someone can stay at home all day and listen to kids complain, whine, gripe, play "I want that" when commercials come on television and so on....after so long...it gets really old. Yes I know that if I did stay at home full time I would be out and about with the kids but still I would be home ALOT. I can not for the life of me keep my house clean with the kids here. Yes I know, a clean house is not that important but I get that trait from my mom, Thanks Mom! I can not stand for my house to be a mess...and as I have cleaned up one thing over the past 2 days then there are little hands behind me messing it up. Yes Madison will help clean up and yes there are rules in my house but at some point in time I like to have a break from being "mom" and I just get to be an adult....I get to be "me".

Well I don't know about you all but I vented and I feel better.

Disclaimer: This post in no way insinuates that being a stay at home mom is harder than working outside the home....I am just saying that it has its challenges as well as working outside the home.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Things on my mind today.

There are two things on my mind today so I will share both....one thing has nothing to do with the other.

First- If you have not ever thanked your spouse for not being physically abusive, stop reading and do so right now. Last night we saw our neighbor punch his girlfriend/spouse in the face so hard that she hit the ground. Nick called the police and they responded but by the time the police came out our neighbors had already made up. The police ended up leaving and the couple went back into their house. Crazy! Sad! When this happened last night I gave Nick a kiss and told him thankyou for never hitting me.

Second - I am a real adult....this milestone has nothing to do with me turning 30 next month or anything like that. Today for the first time I did something that I have been putting off for a long long time. Are you ready for this.....I willingly made and ate a meatloaf...the strangest part was that it was really good. I will have to admit that it still looked as nasty as it always did when I remember seeing meatloafs growing up but I am an adult so I got passed the terrible sight and chowed down and it was delicious.....no I do not have a reciepe for it because I cheated and used a seasoning packet where I just had to add the meat, eggs and bread crumbs but all in all, I have to admit that I was impressed with myself.

I hereby declare myself a real adult!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My sick little girl.

I heard Madison crying this morning while still laying in the bed. When I went in her room to check on her, I was greeted by her throwing up. I thought it was just a one time thing for her but lo and behold it has lasted all day. I knew she was sick when she voluntarily went for a nap instead of staying up and watching television and eating soup. Before becoming a mother I never knew that I could hurt so much for someone else. I would give anything to make her feel better instantly and to get that spark back in her eye. Having kids has indeed taught me what it feels like to have my heart walking around outside of my body. I am hoping and praying that she feels better soon.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Change of plans - just a relaxing weekend

Well the trip to see my grandparents has been postponed due to snow so we are staying home for a relaxing weekend instead.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting ready to visit my grandparents.

For several years now I have been working with the elderly, which of course means dealing with death, illness and Dementia on a regular basis. I have helped many families and individuals deal with the struggles that come with aging. I have given advice, been the shoulder to cry on and been the one to take the blame for many things. Now that I have been in this field for several years, it has spilled over into my personal life. My friends ask questions about their elderly family members, how to deal with them, when to move them into a nursing home, which nursing home, what to expect and lots of other things. With this said, I love what I do and I enjoy helping others when I can but I did not expect that it would be this hard to deal with when it happened in my own family.

This past year, I lost two of my grandparents. They were the most wonderful people that I have ever known and they left a legacy to try to follow. Having lost them has made me much more aware of how important it is to spend time with my other set of grandparent, PaHicks and Granny. I love them so much and have had so much fun with them over the years, from bathing in the silver wash basins in the back yard to playing in the worm garden (nobody could grow worms like my PaHicks) to watching Granny cook with my mouth watering.

Recently my PaHicks was placed in a nursing home due to his need for increased care from his Dementia (among other things). I have spent alot of time trying to convince others that he needed to go into the nursing home as that is what would be best for him and everyone else involved. There was of course alot of hesistation about this decision, which is often the case. But things fell into place and PaHicks is now in the nursing home. Then my Granny had surgery so she is there in the nursing home too for rehab so her case is a little different and easier to deal with.

This weekend we are going to visit them in the big city of Andalusia and I find myself constantly wondering what I will find when I get there. I know that PaHicks is in the best place as he could not be maintained at home anymore but how will I feel when I see MY grandfather there in that nursing home? I am worried about how I will feel when I have to turn and walk away, leaving him there. I know that he most likely has no idea who I am and hasn't known in awhile but I don't see him that often. I think it is going to hurt when I go to hug him and he looks at me like he is seeing me for the first time. I look at him and I will think of all the summer days spent barefoot in overalls playing outside or going fishing. I will think of all the hours that we passed sitting on the porch swings just talking the day away about life. I will think of all those things that make him my PaHicks and when he looks at me he will think "who is that and why is she looking at me like that?" I guess I am going to have to face it but it just scares me and makes me very sad. Sad does not really seem to appropriately describe the feelings that I have about the situation but I can't think of a better word....just sad.

I am going to be able to show Granny and PaHicks their newest great grandson and I am so excited to do that. Tucker will never meet his other great grandparents and I want him to at least meet Granny and PaHicks.

I wish that I would have spent more time listening to PaHicks' stories about his life, love and adventures. He lived an amazing life and always provided for his family. He served his country and he served God...what a man....now I am going to see him in a couple of day and hope that it will be a good day and he will remember me....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just one of those days...

I knew when I got up this morning that it was going to be one of those days. I just did not feel good and did not want to do anything but stay in the bed because I knew I was in a bad mood and it would only get worse if I got out of bed. Nothing really caused me to be in a bad mood other than it just being close to that time of the month...YIPPEE!!

There are a few things in this world that can really cheer me up or at least make me less miserable on one of these type days: 1- a really yummy cup of hot chocolate with lots of little marshmallows (whats the point of having hot chocolate if you don't end up with a marshmallow mustache) 2- a warm bubble bath (the bath is much better if your daughter is not constantly knocking on the bathroom door saying "what are you doing mommy?" When the response I want to give her is something to the effect of "trying to convince myself to not just put my head under the water") 3- a good chick flick that will make me cry my eyes out (I think that just helps me release all that built up emotion) but for this to be effective the house needs to be quiet and I need to be in my pjs under a warm blanket 4 - a really yummy homemade meal. So if you are reading this blog and you ever find me having one of those type of days then be sure to encourage me to do one of the above 4 things to help me be a happier person.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I can be crafty after all!

I am trying so hard to channel my inner craftiness as I really have a desire to be craft like so many of my friends but this is just not an area that I am good at but lo and behold I did a cute craft project and it was so easy! My craft was a cute little valentine jar of candy. All I did was wash some baby food jars left over from my sweet little Tucker and take the labels off of the jars. (You do have to be really sure to get all the food out of the lid) I spray painted the lids silver, then put candy in the jar. I used red hots and the little sweethearts that you see everywhere at Valentines. I then put the lid back on and tied a small curling ribbon around the lid. Then for an extra special touch I used some puffy paint and put the person's initial on the lid. They make the cutest little Valentines to give to people and I was so proud of my myself. I gave them to my coworkers today along with a cute little princess valentines card (that I took from Madison's stash for her friends) and my coworkers all loved them. (At least that is what they said to my face...they may have really thrown them in the trash when I walked out but I will still so proud. Yippee for me!!! I am crafty!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Day

Well I woke up this morning around 4:30 am as the on call cell phone was ringing. The person on the other end of the line let me know that it was snowing. Snowing??? I didn't even know it was predicted but low and behold it was a beautiful blanket of white powder outside. Not that I got to enjoy it as my phone did not stop ringing all morning. Luckily I have a great husband and good co-workers to help get me through it.

I still have not decided what the content of this blog will be and so far no one knows about it yet so I feel like I am writing to myself which is kind of a cool thought. But for anyone who does eventually start reading my blog, here is a great recipie that I got from a girl at work, Charlotte and she got it from a friend.

Orange Juice Cake
1 box yellow cake mix
1 small box lemon instant pudding
3/4 cup oil
3/4 cup orange juce
4 eggs
Mix all ingredients and bake in the oven at 325 for 45 - 55 minutes (it is really good in a bundt pan). Do not open the oven while the cake is cooking because it will fall. Once the cake is done, let it cook in the pan and take a knife and put holes in the cake.

2 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup orange juice
1/3 cup margarine
Put these ingredients on the stove and stir till boiling. Then pour the mixture over the cake and let the cake cook before turning the cake out of the pan.

This cake is delicious and goes great with a cup of coffee at 5 am on a snowy morning when your brain is having to do more thinking than you are ever used to.

Thats all for now. Off to enjoy time with the family in the snow and to get some work done.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just starting out.

Well here it is....I was told by a friend that even if I don't think I have anything to say that I should do a blog as it is a good release. I will start by telling all of my fans (ha ha) about myself. I am married to a wonderful man for 5+ years now. We have two kids. Our daughter Madison will be 4 in March and our son Tucker was just born this past September. I am a Geriatric Care Manager, which I absolutely love and my husband is a choir director. I guess my life would be considered pretty boring to many people but I love it and I stay very busy. I have no idea where this blog will lead or what my blogs will be about but we shall see. I know that you are holding your breath in anticipation for my next post.