Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Splinters, Squeezers and Drama!

Yesterday I looked at Madison's foot and noticed that she had a splinter. As soon as I said the word "splinter" she started whispering to me "please don't tell Daddy!" She said this because she remembers the last 2 splinters she had and the drama involved in getting the splinters out.

Well, needless to say, Daddy heard about the splinter and told Madison to not kick him like she did last time and he would get the splinter out. After about 20 minutes of her screaming bloody murder and saying things like "you are going to hurt me with those squeezers (aka tweezers)" there were also multiple threats of "if you don't let me get this splinter out then you will have to go to the doctor to get it pulled out and the doctor will use a big needle." You should have seen her big eyes with that comment about the big needle. It was left last night with the decision that she would go to the doctor today to get the splinter out.

This morning, when she got up, she came in and immediately started saying "Daddy is going to hurt me with those squeezers!" She finally allowed her Daddy to take out the splinter with his squeezers and no trip to the doctor was necessary.

In all of this drama, I really thought that Madison was going to stop breathing permanently, pop a blood vessel in her head or actually scream her head off. But when it all came down to it, her Daddy saved the day and got the splinter out. What she doesn't know is that we have to go to the doctor anyway this week to get her check up and shots so she can start school. Oh well, you win some and loose some.

Thanks Nick for being emotionally and physically strong enough to remove the splinter.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Couponing and Debt

Ok...so some people think that I may be crazy with my new recent obsession with coupons and freebies. Yes the freebies are not that big of a deal but the coupons - HELLO - they save us so much money. SO far my big savings has been from Pampers. I sent them an email with my feedback about some of their diapers..within about a week, I had a huge suprise in the mail - FOUR $20 COUPONS FOR DIAPERS. That alone was worth $80 (in case you couldn't do the math). I also managed to score free toothpaste (I stacked 2 coupons on top of a good sale) and got some air freshner for $.49. I was pretty pumped. I think that Nick that I was pretty crazy with my obsession until he started hearing about and seeing my savings on my receipts. Hopefully I can help save my family some money so that we can help get ourselves out of debt.

If you are at all close to me and Nick, then you know about our financial situation, as I freely share about it. Why would I share that information??? Well hopefully someone will learn from my/our dumb mistakes. So far in 3.5 years we have paid off over $25K in credit card debt. YIPPEE!! We have about another year until all of our credit card debt is paid off. We could not have done this without the help of Harbor Credit Counseling. This agency, consolidated our debts into one payment and got all of our interest rates lowered so much. This agency has been amazing and our saving grace. If you want to know about the agency just ask me.

Hopefully this couponing obsession of mine will help us get out of debt quicker.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't let the opportunity pass you by.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of when my Grandmother passed away. Which means that one year ago tonight, I thought about calling my Grandmother just to chat with her and I got too busy and never made the call. On July 3rd of last year, Nick and I were just sitting down to a tea party with Madison at our house and looking forward to a long weekend at home. As we sat down, before we took our first bite of food, my mom called me and told me that Grandmother had passed away during the night. I don't remember the conversation with my mom but I remember hanging up the phone and laying in the floor sobbing. I had just started realizing that I would never get to see my Papas face again and now I had to come to terms with never talking to my Grandmother again either.

Grandmother gave me lots of great memories. I remember when I was little, all the grandkids would stay at their house and all the girls would pile in grandmothers bed for the night. Papa would come around the corner saying "Fee Fi Fo Fum" and all the girls would squeal and just about crawl under Grandmother. I remember trying on Grandmothers costume jewelry, all 8 grandkids piling into Grandmother little Pinto heading to the corner store. I remember the smell of biscuits and chocolate gravy in her house when we would come to visit. I remember the fact that they always had breakfast after church on Sundays. I loved the fact that as I got older and would go out to visit, we would sit in the den and talk forever. I will always remember my Grandmother and her high heels and her poor ankles. There was nothing like seeing her roll her hips and just waiting for her ankles to collapse. I will never forget her sayings such as "well, I declare" or "I swunnee". I remember marking how tall I was by how short Grandmother was. I loved how she always kept the chocolate candy stored in the refrigerator under the vegetables (I guess she thought that we would see the veggies and decide that the veggies would taste so much better - but that never happened). I will always remember her decorating her Christmas tree with white envelopes for each person in the family (which contained money). I will never forget how she never called you the correct name on the first try, she always had to go through all the grandkids and then she would eventually get your name right.

I will always regret getting too busy on the night of July 2, 2009 to call my Grandmother. One year later I have no idea what was so important that I didn't call her to chat. I don't pass up that opportunity now. Now I talk to my mom every day and I talk to my Granny on a very regular basis. Don't let the opportunity pass to tell someone that you love, that you love them. I know that my Grandmother knows that I loved her, no doubt about that but I just wish I could have told her again.

I am in Mobile this weekend to visit with my parents and the first thing I noticed in the house was a picture of my Grandparents. I miss them so much....I just wonder when/if it will get to the point where I can look at a picture of them and not tear up.

Here are the lyrics to the song "If you only knew" by the Inspirations. It is a really good song and it makes me think of both Grandmother and Papa. Grandmother was not sick but I do think that she passed away of a broken heart - after my Papa left this earth, she was so lonely and she was ready to be with him again. My Grandmother passed away in her sleep and did not suffer and I find peace in that as well as knowing that she is in Heaven now.

Here are the lyrics:

Have you prayed for a loved one... struggling hard with pain
you asked the lord for healing.... but that healing never came
and in spite of all your efforts , the good Lord called THEM home
its hard to let go, when your trying to hold on
Now your down in the valley looking up to the sky
and your praying.... "lord you know what's best but I don't understand why"
if you could hear your loved one... speaking now to you they'd say...
you wouldn't be grieving, if you only knew.
If you only knew, I'm just going home, your prayers have been answered, my sickness is gone,
Things look much better from Heavens view, The sun always shines we're having a good time if you only knew
To be absent from the body is present with the lord, I'm in the arm of Jesus now & I'm not suffering any more,
hand in hand we'll stroll together down Heaven's avenue...We're having a big celebration if you only knew.
If you only knew... I 'm just going home Your prayers have been answered, If you only knew.