Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When God gives a quiet No.

In my world lately I have been learning how to accept the "quiet no's" in my life. It seems that there have been many times lately when I have asked God for something and He has quietly responded, no, so quiet even sometimes that I think He has possibly not heard me. I have come to realize now over the last week or so that God answers each and every prayer but sometimes it is a quiet no that I have to listen for. This is very difficult because I often find myself asking God for a YES that slaps me in the face. God has presented me with various things over the past couple of months and put things in my mind and when I ask for them He does respond yes at times but other times it is the whisper of no that I hear. We often think that "no" is a bad answer as we always want to be told yes but I think that the No's are just as important and help protect us from bad decisions and bad paths for our lives. I know that when God tells me NO whether He screams it at me or whether He whispers it to me, the answer is No and there is a reason. I may not know the reason or understand the reason but the answer remains the same. I will praise God for the No's that he has whispered to me. The best way to hear the quiet no's is to be still and KNOW that HE is God.