Monday, May 31, 2010

My Delights!!

In class on Sunday morning, the person was teaching about how God delights in us. He started talking about what that meant to really delight in something. He compared God's delighting in us to delighting in our children. The teacher then went through and listed alot of things that he delights in with his kids so it got me thinking about what I delight in. Here is what I can come up with:


  • the way she gets so excited about picking out a present for someone
  • the way that when she gets a card in the mail, she then writes on the card too
  • her crinkly face in the mornings when she doesn't want to wake up
  • the funny songs that she makes up
  • listening to her playing when she thinks no one is listening
  • when she hugs me for no reason and says "I love you, Mommy!"
  • when she gets my heels out of my closet and prances around the house
  • how she thinks that my slips are elegant dresses for her to wear around the house
  • priceless things that she says such as while at my grandmothers funeral and she said "why is Grandmother so dressed up?" and "Do her privates go to Heaven?"
  • the way she sings songs even when she doesnt' know the words
  • her big blue eyes
  • the many interesting dance moves that she has (ok, so she does look a bit like a stripper with her moves but she is still cute)

  • his swollen face first thing in the morning
  • the smell when he first gets out of the bathtub
  • the way he claps for himself
  • when he shakes in excitement when he sees food of any kind
  • the way he snuggles up in my arms so perfectly
  • each and every little fat roll on his body
  • watching him explore everything around the house
  • the way he lights up when his sister comes in the room
  • when he starts bouncing when ever he hears music
My wonderful husband

  • that he manages the finances so I don't have to stress about it
  • that he always pumps the gas when we stop at the gas station
  • watching him play with our kiddos
  • that he always says "sleep sweet" when I go to bed
  • that he knows exactly how to make the kids and me laugh at any given moment
  • that he always lets me have the remote if I want it
  • that he lets me play the fun word games on his phone even though I know that he really wants to play them
I will stop with these delights because I list all day long in regard to all of my family. A few other things that I do delight in:
  • a good hot bath
  • a stormy day with a good movie
  • a good glass of sweet iced tea
  • my potato salad
  • a homemade meal by my mom (she is the best cook ever)
  • a clean kitchen
  • a good haircut
  • an awesome outfit that fits me just right
  • making someone smile
Now the teacher of our class said if you DELIGHT in these things....just take a moment and think about how God DELIGHTS in each and everyone of his children. The teacher went on to explain that besides just delighting in us, God actively PURSUES each and every one of us. He pursues each and every one of us to be HIS son or daughter. The teacher said, if you actually go into each day approaching God as he delights in you and is pursuing you, it will make a huge difference.

(Nathan Bland was the teacher on Sunday and did an amazing job.)

On a side note - Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone had a great day with their families and thanking God for all of the men and women who have ever put themselves in harms way to fight for our country. GOD BLESS THE USA.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer, Preschool, crawling and other things

Well life has been busy and that is why I have not posted in a couple of months.

I have signed Madison up for Preschool full time starting August 9th. I was very torn about this decision as I only wanted her to go part time but things did not work out we signed her up for full-time preschool. I did not like this decision but it had to be made. Fast forward one week....Madison has been getting very bored over at the babysitters house each day so I now know that I have made the right decision to sign her up for school full time. (Thanks Nick for telling me that this is what we should do.) I know that Madison is ready to start school and she will have a blast but I am not so sure that her mom is ready for her to start school. It seems like I just brought my sweet baby girl home from the hospital, but now she is 4 years old and about to start school. I am sure that I will be a basket case on that first day.

With that said, Summer break is here. Nick has one more day of work and then he will be home with the kids for the summer. I hope that he is looking forward to it. I know that even as much as Madison complains, she loves to be home with her daddy....and this year they get to add sweet Tucker to the daily mix. They will have their hands full.

Speaking of Tucker, he is now 8 1/2 months old. I really don't know how that happened. He has been crawling for the past 2 weeks now and now he is trying to pull up. He can clap his hands, say "mama" and bounce to music. I just know that i am going to turn around one day and both him and Madison are going to be grown up with families of their own. I am not ready for that and I don't want time to go by too fast. Each stage of their growth is so precious and amazing (yes it can be a pain in the neck too) and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Now to get the house clean so I can go spend some much needed time playing with the kiddos, while they still think I am fun.