Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second String

Have you ever felt like you were second string? I know that I have had that feeling before and I don't like that feeling. That makes you feel so insecure about everything. ie...why don't they like? what did I do? am I not good enough? As adults we learn to deal with those feelings and realize that we should not let other people determine how we feel about ourselves. Yes we often fall into the trap of doubting ourselves but then we "put on our big girl panties" and move on realizing that we are important and valuable human beings. Now with that being said, how do you deal with your child possibly feeling like they are second string, second choice for something whether it be in a friendship, activity or whatever. I am getting a taste of that and I do not like it. I, of course think that my daughter is phenomenal. I know that in reality she is no more important in the grand scheme of things than anyone else but in my "mommy" mind she is the best. It really hurts to see my daughter be left out of something or be second choice. Right now, I dont even think that she realizes that she is second choice, but to me it is obvious. All I can do is help teach her to have good self esteem and not have her self worth based on what other people think of her. Now the only delima is - how do I teach her that??????

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