Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Days

Well this has been a very busy month. Nick started back for another school year. Madison started preschool. Most. recently Madison started gymnastics and now is signed up for soccer. Last week I bought Madison her leotard for gymnastics. As soon as she put on the leotard, she could suddenly run faster, do better splits, jump higher, etc....it was too funny watching her prance around in that. Her first practice was great. She was not at all shy - I know suprise! She did great. Then this week I signed her up for soccer. I asked her what number she wanted to be and she excitedly said "ZERO!!!" I don't know why zero of all numbers butI requested that number only to come home andhave her say that she wants to be number 5....wait no 8....wait no 5...ok zero....no 8. AHHH!!! Her biggest concern about soccer is that she doesn't want to loose. She is afraid for some reason that if she looses then everyone is going to laugh at her. What she doesn't realize is that everyone will most likely be laughing all season with 3 and 4 year olds playing soccer - or at least hopefully chasing a ball around.

Now Tucker is about to turn 1 in little more than a week. He is getting so big and learning so many new tricks. He now plays peek a boo and thinks it is hilarious. he also has a new little dance that he does and it is so cute. Growing up too quick.....

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